How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Computer [Complete-Guide] in 2022

Sometimes we forget the password and attempt to log in much time locked the account. But don’t worry anymore. Here we are sharing how to unlock an iPad passcode without a computer.

To protect the iPad from unauthorized access, choose a strong password, including special characters, numbers, and variations. However, It is challenging to remember the password, and sometimes we forget the password. And even worse, we try to log in, and that heads to account lock.

If you’re in that type of situation, don’t worry. In this guide, you’ll learn the solution. Unlock your device within a few minutes, whether you have a computer or not. Without taking more time, let’s get straight into this.

How to Unlock iPad without Passcode or Computer

Let’s get started; here are two options in the section. By using them, you can unlock your iPad without a passcode or computer. Before getting started, It’s right for you to learn about each method’s pros and cons, then decide which process suits you.

Method 1: How to unlock iPad using Siri?


This method is convenient and straightforward without losing your data. But It only supports the iPad that is running iOS 8 to iOS 10.1.

How to unlock an iPad using iCloud?


With the help of iCloud, you can remotely unlock your iPad. Internet is required to erase all settings and data on the iPad. By using this method, you’ll lose your data.

Bypass iPad Passcode via Siri without Data Loss

Using this process, you can unlock your iPad passcode without losing data and even without a computer. But unfortunately, this process works only for iOS devices from iOS 8 to iOS 10.1. The progress rate of using this process isn’t so high, but you can give it a try.

  • Let’s get started; hold down the “Home” key for a few seconds to activate Siri > ask Siri to open an application that doesn’t exist on your device.
  • Then Siri will tell you that this application is not on your device and then bring up the app store icon to search the app.
  • Open the App Store icon > then a new window will open > choose to download the app or update other apps.
  • You can also do this process by double pushing the home button.
  • Once preview appears, close the active task on the screen, and you have unlocked your device!

Remotely Bypass iPad without Passcode via iCloud

Apple iCloud service is another effective method to unlock your iPad without a computer. It requires linking your device with your iCloud account. Enable “Find my iPad” via In this process, you can unlock your device remotely and without using a computer, but an internet connection is required for the procedure.

Note: This method will remove your data!

  • Let’s get started; go to iCloud from any device > Login with your Apple ID and password.
  • Choose the option “Find My iPhone” > Click on “All Devices” and then pick your device.
  • Choose “Erase iPad” from the options, and then it starts to clear your files.


We always try to provide you the best and easy information about technology. I do hope these methods will be helpful for you. Let us know, comment below. We love reading your comments and feedback!



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